Hyde Park, London

pictures: Very Good +

Audio: good +
Format: 1 DVD

Additional Info:
Hyde Park...
one of the first big Queen events in the early years.

am I the only one,
who thinks this show sounds strange and weird?
I really never heard them
sing and play so false
as on Hyde Park.
Espcially Freddie´s voice is strange like hell.
And Brians Red Special partly sounds horrible.
`39 ( Roger voice) comes
so weird...

Ok, this lately circulating
DVD vesion is the
very best of all!.
I love it!
And I´m almost
sure, there is no better
copy at all available.

Reasons for this strange
sound could be:
It´s outside,
but inside a tent !
Resound problems.

2. Obviuosly tape speed problems during recording.