Earls Court-London
6/7. Jun. 1977

This is truly the best
Earls Court DVD until now, audio and video quality
is the best so far.

I used the original scans
from the pittrek edition for the front and back pictures.
The inlay contains both Sniville ( Video ) and Pittreks final release notes.

Why did they never
publish this show ??
Except Houston 77
there is nothing like
Earls Court 77 from
those early days.

Very Good-
Audio: very good
Format: 2 DVD

Additional Info:

Earls Court is unique:

Besides Houston 77, its
the only video from
the early years, which brings a complete Queen Concert.
Not only that:
its in a very good picture AND sound quality.
The only available, professionally filmed, complete early show.
(Houston was the start of
the next tour).
The performance itsself
is phantastic:
They played 2 long hours. Freddie changing his outfit 4 or 5 times, either Brian or Freddie introducing almost every song.
They go through the
complete R´R Medley.
I love the way the camera stays on Brian during White Queen, while you "only" hear Freddie´s voice and watch Brian play for some never-ending minutes.





"Nice. you read this little eruption of enthusiasm"

2 DVD Set with a remarkable audio improvement.
Together with the Picture quality This is by far
the best version until now.

1 DVD version